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Loss of data or information can be detrimental to the owner, whether that is an individual or a business organization. Since data recovery in Akron, OH is very possible, there is no need to worry about data trapped in a memory device that is hard to access. At Affordable Computer Repair, we provide reliable data recovery for mobile devices, as well as desktops.

The need for data recovery may arise from various scenarios. A memory devise may require formatting to access it, yet formatting it will most certainly erase the data it carries. Similarly a hard disk may crash while holding very important data.

Our technicians can examine your memory device, whether it is an internal hard drive, RAID, solid state drive, flash drive, or tape, and determine if the data it contains is recoverable. We also ascertain the integrity of traceable data and advise you accordingly.

We can recover personal files, such as images, video clips, music, and documents. We also have tools to trace and retrieve data held in databases such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL.

When you come to us, a dedicated and professional data solution representative will guide you through the recovery process and explain all steps. We will keep you in control so that you can make informed choices.

It is possible to recover data from different computing devices, such as tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and phones. We can provide you with data backup and recovery for iPad, iPhone, and iPod as well.

Our reliable file savers make you confident about the swift recovery of critical financial, personal, family, historical, confidential, or business information. We match each recovery method with the manufacturer’s requirements for the memory device in question without voiding any existing warranty. Recover your hard disk data with expert tools from Affordable Computer Repair today!

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