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Affordable Computer Repair is an experienced and professional computer repair service in Akron, OH. We are Tech Plus Certified and boast 35 years of experience in this business. We are honest and deliver lasting solutions to a wide array of computer hardware and software problems.

We are the right people to talk to when your computer is under virus attack. The software we use can detect and eliminate malware, spyware, worms, and viruses that gain illegal access to your computer system. We not only protect your files, database, and software, but we also safeguard your privacy and internet or email access.

Is your desktop acting up? We can solve a wide spectrum of hardware faults that may affect your hard disk, RAM, VGA, micro processor, display, motherboard, sound device, and other system components. We have the right tools to get to the bottom of all hardware faults and provide reliable solutions.

We can also upgrade your system if you hope to improve on data processing speeds. You could upgrade your microprocessor by several Gigahertz or Random Access Memory (RAM) by several Gigabytes. If your storage needs are increasing, we can upgrade your hard disk space by several Gigabytes too.

Have you lost important data to a faulty hard disk or accidentally formatted your external hard disk and lost all information in it? Bring your hard disk to us, and we will explore several options to retrieve lost information. Even if you have tried data recovery elsewhere and failed, we still can always look at your hard disk and determine if the trapped information is recoverable.

Reach out to us at Affordable Computer Repair for swift and cost-effective correction of your computer problems. We are highly knowledgeable in the area of computer repair, virus removal, and computer upgrades. Hence we are in a great position to provide trusted solutions. We are technically the best!

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